My lovely garden



This week my family and I have been gardening. We are very proud of the out come.





Our purple patch




Our yellow mixed patches.


We also bought a new plant for the twins as the rose has died 😦
Sadly when we were taking it home Sol tripped over it and broke some of it. Q





It is very pretty. It is called a deep blue Senetti, I love it. Possibly my favourite plant in the whole garden.


At the nursery we bought the plants from they had this very cute and friendly dog named Teddy. He was a Labradoodle.


The lady there was very nice, she gave us loads of free plants!

I really love our garden like this, even though it took a while to complete. It was worth it.


Hope you enjoyed these pictures of our garden!

Toni xoxox



So much fun!

Hey there!

The other day, Sol,Seb, Mummy and I went to Ikea


We got this lovely glossy red table. We then added these stickers which said, Love makes a house a home.
We saw many things at Ikea which I loved but we didn’t get many pictures I’m sorry.

After Ikea we went to Hillmount Garden centre where I saw many lovely things.


These very pretty Christmas candles.(proud me for taking this picture)


These bells where hanging on a pretty Christmas tree. I thought it was gorgeous. It had bells, ribbons, flowers and angels!


(Once again I took this) these jars are so sweet. I might get Mummy some for Christmas I don’t know. Shhh don’t tell her!!!


(I also took this) For my last picture I will show you this picture of Sol and her teddy bunny Lorraine. She loves Lorraine so much.

Well thanks for reading.