Poor Mistra :(

Sadly since I posted ‘Cat in a basket’ Mistra passed away, at 18 years old, she had lived a good long life.

I was really sad to see Mistra die and I miss her very much but we have a new cat called Dexter, he’s very mischief and he loves to play.

I will always miss Mistra but I know that she loved us and that she died knowing that we love her back.

Toni x


Pantomime time once again!

As you may or may not know is that Seb, Sol and I are involved with a Pantomime every year.

This years pantomime is based on Sinbad, the person I play is a little girl called Blossom (amazing name 😂) I’m a citizen, child and a islander.

I have a few wee jokes that everyone seems to laugh a lot at.

It’s great fun being in it and we all enjoy it very much.
We also have lots of friends coming to see us, which is good.

Toni 💕

Long time no see

Hello my dear friends!

As you may have noticed it has been a long time since I blogged, I’m now 12!

I have lots to write about so I will have plenty of posts for you all coming up very soon, I hope you have all been keeping well.

See you soon 🙂

My lovely garden



This week my family and I have been gardening. We are very proud of the out come.





Our purple patch




Our yellow mixed patches.


We also bought a new plant for the twins as the rose has died 😦
Sadly when we were taking it home Sol tripped over it and broke some of it. Q





It is very pretty. It is called a deep blue Senetti, I love it. Possibly my favourite plant in the whole garden.


At the nursery we bought the plants from they had this very cute and friendly dog named Teddy. He was a Labradoodle.


The lady there was very nice, she gave us loads of free plants!

I really love our garden like this, even though it took a while to complete. It was worth it.


Hope you enjoyed these pictures of our garden!

Toni xoxox


Yet life goes on

Hey Trendies! It's Toni!



One: I started my GCSE math book, it has been confusing and a bit stressful for me. I do love math but this book is really hard for me.

Two: Animal has had long days at his college and I really miss him.


Three: Found this flipping massive spiders in our house, they are giant house spiders.

Scary huh


Four: I am planning to finish my Key Stage Three school books by June(whoop woop, yay)


Now some random chit chat.

I recently hit 1K followers on Pinterest, so if you followed me thanks:)

Oh I'm planning some stories on WattPad, mainly stories for kids and teens so my account is TotallyOnTrend, ya know incase you wanna follow me 😉

Also we got oils named Young Living Natural Oils that have natural remedies for everything!

That's our collection! Most smell amazing! Some smell yucky but all have an amazing use!

My favourite smell is thieves or lavender probably.

Oh you can also get thieve cleaner which smells gorgeous and it cleans well.


Well I better go!




Toni xox


Hey Trendies! It’s Toni!

I’m going to tell you about these awesome oils, they are natural remedies for nearly anything! P.S BUY YOUNGLIVING BECAUSE THEY’RE THE ONLY BRAND YOU CAN EAT!!!

I had a sore throat today so we looked for a recipe and found one and it’s for all cold/flu symptoms:
2 drops thieves
2-3 drops lemon
Mix with some hot water and sugar or honey(optional) then drink.

BAM sore throat gone!


I recommend these oils to everyone, you can get an app called HealthierThymes that has remedies for everything on.
They’re so good and natural!

Anyways goodbye!
Kisses Toni xoxo

We made butter?!?!

Hello there!

Today I'm going to tell you how to homemake butter.



Fresh cream (we made three small pots of butter with three tubs of cream)



A mixer

A/some small container/s

Some spoons and a knife.

A bowl if you have a hand mixer

A sieve

Another bowl



First empty the cream into your mixer or bowl if you have a hand mixer.

Now mix your cream.

Once it looks like whipped cream DON'T STOP!! Keep mixing!

Once your cream is kind of yellow and looks more hard get it out of the bowl/mixer and into a sieve.

Put the sieve untop of a new bowl and let it drain. The liquid that it drains out is called buttermilk and tastes yummy to drink.

Pour the butter milk into the jug if you want to keep it(we used it to make scones).

Then wash the butter in clean water and but into sieve to drain again then pour the water that drained out down the sink.

Now roll out the butter on some grease proof paper and put into the containers.

And that's how to make butter!!

Thanks for reading!


Toni xx


I got my bedroom re-arranged and bad weather!


Today I spent the day re-arranging my bedroom and mummy got some pretty pictures





We hung up two pictures on my wall. one picture was a picture of a pink bike with flowers in the basket,it says Let’s Get Lost in turquoise. The other picture is a fluffy adorable bunny in pink feathers.

On top of our units is the quilted toppers mummy made for me and Sol. On the units we have my pink radio and Sol’s television with is also pink.

We have our hand made cushions mummy made on our bed and our jammie cushion.

We also have our two favourite teddies each, Sols two are Lorraine and Lorraina and mine are Purple bunny and Molly.

Also lately the weather has been awful! So bad it broke our garage window!


As you can see we were and still are on a weather warning!


The broke window.






The harbour by where I live.

Oh and one last thing before I go to sleep, we went shopping and saw this car.


Well thanks for reading and good night!!

Xxx Toni xxX

The brie, the bullet and the black cat

My church organised a murder mystery night (note:THERE WAS NO REAL MURDER) where we earned £1200 pounds for charity.

These are the actors, all of them go to my church


My Daddy is the the first in the second row,in the tuxedo. Him and Mummy’s friend Tabitha (the woman at the front) ended up the murders and were taken of set with pink fluffy handcuffs.

Me and Animal where asked to be waitress and waiter.


Animal was given the task of head waiter so all the girls were hanging round him and saying how good he looked.

It was great fun but my feet were so sore that I couldn’t stand. I gotta admit I did nearly drop a tray of food but Animal saved me.

I loved it so much! I would do it again for sure.

Bye guys!!