Poor Mistra :(

Sadly since I posted ‘Cat in a basket’ Mistra passed away, at 18 years old, she had lived a good long life.

I was really sad to see Mistra die and I miss her very much but we have a new cat called Dexter, he’s very mischief and he loves to play.

I will always miss Mistra but I know that she loved us and that she died knowing that we love her back.

Toni x


Pantomime time once again!

As you may or may not know is that Seb, Sol and I are involved with a Pantomime every year.

This years pantomime is based on Sinbad, the person I play is a little girl called Blossom (amazing name 😂) I’m a citizen, child and a islander.

I have a few wee jokes that everyone seems to laugh a lot at.

It’s great fun being in it and we all enjoy it very much.
We also have lots of friends coming to see us, which is good.

Toni 💕

Long time no see

Hello my dear friends!

As you may have noticed it has been a long time since I blogged, I’m now 12!

I have lots to write about so I will have plenty of posts for you all coming up very soon, I hope you have all been keeping well.

See you soon 🙂