Yet life goes on

Hey Trendies! It's Toni!



One: I started my GCSE math book, it has been confusing and a bit stressful for me. I do love math but this book is really hard for me.

Two: Animal has had long days at his college and I really miss him.


Three: Found this flipping massive spiders in our house, they are giant house spiders.

Scary huh


Four: I am planning to finish my Key Stage Three school books by June(whoop woop, yay)


Now some random chit chat.

I recently hit 1K followers on Pinterest, so if you followed me thanks:)

Oh I'm planning some stories on WattPad, mainly stories for kids and teens so my account is TotallyOnTrend, ya know incase you wanna follow me 😉

Also we got oils named Young Living Natural Oils that have natural remedies for everything!

That's our collection! Most smell amazing! Some smell yucky but all have an amazing use!

My favourite smell is thieves or lavender probably.

Oh you can also get thieve cleaner which smells gorgeous and it cleans well.


Well I better go!




Toni xox