We made butter?!?!

Hello there!

Today I'm going to tell you how to homemake butter.



Fresh cream (we made three small pots of butter with three tubs of cream)



A mixer

A/some small container/s

Some spoons and a knife.

A bowl if you have a hand mixer

A sieve

Another bowl



First empty the cream into your mixer or bowl if you have a hand mixer.

Now mix your cream.

Once it looks like whipped cream DON'T STOP!! Keep mixing!

Once your cream is kind of yellow and looks more hard get it out of the bowl/mixer and into a sieve.

Put the sieve untop of a new bowl and let it drain. The liquid that it drains out is called buttermilk and tastes yummy to drink.

Pour the butter milk into the jug if you want to keep it(we used it to make scones).

Then wash the butter in clean water and but into sieve to drain again then pour the water that drained out down the sink.

Now roll out the butter on some grease proof paper and put into the containers.

And that's how to make butter!!

Thanks for reading!


Toni xx