Mums news and my news!

Mum was in hospital for two days after bleeding for 5 hours.
She lost four pints of blood which is a lot and because of that she has become very pale.
She is very ill so if I don’t post I’ll be with Mummy.

Now me and Mummy decided to bake me a birthday cake so Mummy worked really hard and made me this for my 11th birthday tomorrow.


It’s a two tier cake with plain sponge with sweet pink frosting, pink and white sugar pearls around the edge and mini pink white and yellow sugar pearls sprinkled on top.
The part that holds the two tiers together is strawberry jam and the same pink frosting smudged across aswell.

I am very thankful of Mummy and I think it is so pretty!
Thanks Mum x x x

I love you all so much X x x


Olivia got spayed!

Olivia my black lab puppy is about five months old as you probably know and yesterday she got spayed.

When she got home from the vets she was very sleepy yet very happy.
The vet said she had to wear a cone for ten days so that she doesn’t pick at her stitches.

Mummy got a picture of Olivia and her cone.


Nope she doesn’t like it one bit.
Sorry Olivia!

The cone is 25cm long and 25cm wide so it is very big!!!

Goodbye for now!

Bad news…

Dear lovelies.

My Mummy had another scan only to show bad news.
Both twins had died and Mummy might need an operation to remove them or she will have a miscarriage.
Writing this brings me to tears as I was so excited and I promised to care for them.

I don’t know how much more to say without crying. 😥

I love you Mummy from the bottom of my heart. X

Surprise time!

As you may know, mum is pregnant so last week mummy had a pregnancy scan.

The scan showed twins but one twin was a lot smaller so there is no guarantee it will live but don’t worry no matter what mum is having one at least. 

We are praying hard and the twin could still survive so keep that in mind.


I have not much to blog about except Animal started his new college this morning and we went shopping as his birthday is Friday.
As a trick Seb,Sol and I got a cardboard box, put an old t shirt of Animal’s in it, a nursery rhyme book in it, two straws and we blew In it so he had some of our oxygen… we are amazing siblings you gotta admit!

Thanks for reading ~Toni xx