Good bye best friend

I have an amazing friend. She is moving to Dubai early tomorrow morning.

Yesterday her and I went to the fun fair, we spent hours on rides. We went on the bumper cars and the Ferris wheel, the swings and the caterpillar and after this got candy floss!

We had so much fun.
As a special present I bought her a claddagh ring and she bought me a gorgeous white bracelet with white sparkly beads.

We go to the same church and have spent many fun filled days together and its hard to say goodbye to her.

But goodbye my dear friend and I wish you luck.

If you were reading this I love you and will miss you so much.

Lots of love Toni xoxox



Okayyyyy I got a surprise!!!! Mummy is about eight weeks pregnant! I can’t wait!

I want her to have twin girls.
We have picked girl names but we only have two boys names.
If you think of any please comment.

Okay so not much else is going on in my wacky life but….
41 days, 7hours and 5 minutes and its my birthday! Yeah my birthday is the 22nd of September at 19:05. I’m do excited for the baby and my birthday!

Bryan the cat and a lot more!

Hello there! It was nice of you to pop by!

Today will be a long blog about lots of giss goss, first there is a cat called Bryan, we thought he was a stray, ends up his names Bentley, and has an owner that lives across the road from us, so Bryan got ran over and Mummy had to take him to the vet.


He is home now but has a broken pelvis I think. He is caged while he heals for safety.

Okay now heading to our gorgeous village, Mummy and Daddy went for a walk and took this.
I feel so lucky to live here. It’s so pretty and special.


And my friends, Hope and Molly and Seb and Sol, Mum and I took this when we went for a walk at our villages beach. We found a dead jellyfish and a dead crab.


Oh and this is Cadbury chocolate, it is amazing. I love it!my favourite flavour is popping candy and cookie nut crunch.


And one last thing, Mum, Hope and I made this and we made Hope earrings.


Just as always thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a nice day.
~Toni xoxox

Sol’s birthday!!!

Today was  Sol’s birthday. Sol has turned eight.

I can’t believe it, my little sister is not very little any more!

I got Sol a pretty gold and pink beaded heart on a ribbon, it is for reminding us of our lovely memories together.

We went to a car boot sale and I got a Mandy book from 1980 for just £1!!! Mum was telling me how when she was young she had stacks of them.
We didn’t do much else but Sol played with her presents. 

I made her cupcakes with Mummy


We then added candy floss on top


As you can see Sol is overjoyed!

Sol had wanted an easel for a while so mum got her an easel, artist pencils and pens and big sketch pads.
Sol is very good at drawing and wants to be an artist.


Changing subject. My Mum found this and I think it’s a cute idea.
Something added in my ‘to do’ list.

Bye guys I will try to blog every other day but I hope you know your following and likes mean so much to me just like money is to the poor.

So much love~Toni

A lovely day out.

On Monday we went to a little village called Kearney, Kearney has rocks for a beach which is different but it’s my favourite place to go.
A few people live in Kearney but not many.
It is also a wildlife trust area which means nature people own it for tourists.


We go here about once a year and this year we brought Olivia. Olivia was overjoyed and we even let her off the lead for I think the first time.
She was perfect, she was in the water with us when we were finding shrimp and crabs.

We took her to another part of Kearney where there was more water to paddle in.



We had a lovely day and when we got back to the car we started on our way home.

On our way home we went to a castle, (where sadly I forgot my camera) it had sheep walking about. I wanted to stroke one but they were very shy and jumped away. The castle was from long ago when the Vikings were around. The Vikings would use it to hide in.

We then got chip shop chips, it’s our coming home from Kearney treat every time!!

When we got home I got clean bedding on my bed and hopped in bed. I was so tired I was talking gibberish which is unusual for me.