Random news!!!

I got my eyes tested today. I picked out a pair of gorgeous kinda geeky glasses before the test but after the test the optician said I don’t need my reading glasses any more.

I have mixed emotions.

I feel I do need them as when I read without them I get headaches and sore blurry eyes, but I’m thinking maybe I’ve changed and will get used to not having glasses.

I am sort of happy to not need them but even writing this gives me a headache and blurry eyes.

I don’t know what to do.
Get used to them I suppose is the answer.


Zebedee may you rest in peace baby

Zebedee my rabbit who is nearly eight passed away this morning while I was at bible club. Daddy went to feed her and she was dead outside her crate.


Zebedee was blind, had cancer and had bad hearing.
She had many children and grandchildren and even great grandchildren!
We buried her under a Apple tree I grew from an apple pip.

I am sad Zebedee passed but she has no more pain and is in a better place.

As always thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.
~Toni xx

Happy Birthday Daddy and may your foot get well soon!

Today was Daddy’s birthday!  We got him a tie, a Kindle, and a cardigan.

Today was a lazy day as the other day in work Daddy hurt his foot.
So Daddy was sitting at his desk and his foot started to hurt, he told his boss he was going for a walk as his foot was stiff and sore.

Daddy’s foot got worse so he came home early. Mummy had a look and said we need the doctor to check this out. Daddy’s foot had swollen up and went pink, so Daddy had one fat foot and one normal foot which was awkward as he can’t wear trainers and isn’t allowed to get up moving about much.

It ended up Daddy has cellulitis and has had it for days and has had several days of work which is nice for Daddy to have family time again.

As always thanks for reading and I love you all.
Love Toni xx

Rest in peace Talia Castellano

YouTube make up star Talia Castellano passed away on the 16th of July at 11:22am 2013. I am really sad and in tears. Talia was fighting with two types of cancer.

She died at just 13 years old.
I am heart broken and inspired. She always said  ”just keep swimming”.   
Talia is an inspiration.
Her fight is over she is in a better place now where cancer has given up but Talia hasn’t.

”Make up is my wig” was another of her sayings. I am heartbroken. But now she has been an angel on earth and in heaven.


Last night I was going to send her Haribos sweets because once some one sent her some and she said they were the best ever so I was gonna send one pack of every flavour. But I found out just a few minutes ago when RobinMosesNailArt posted a R.I.P Talia video. I am upset and once again heartbroken.

Church Camp

29th June, Day one:

I arrived at the school which I was going to stay in for the week,and said goodbye to my family.
We played games in the play ground and we had to make a dance and sing a song representing The Penguins(my team) We sung We are the Penguins my friends, and we will keep on waddling to the end(we spell out Penguins and yell) do the Penguin shake!!! Then we do the Harlem Shake. We came 2nd place and then we settled into bed. My friend Zoe kept us up all night by giggling and talking so our dorm The Dolphins was tired in the morning.

Day two:

Today was church and nothing but lounging. We heard about Moses’ birth and pharaoh wanted to kill him.

Day three:

Beach trip YAY!!!!!!!!
We got up early at about 7:00 am to catch the bus at 9:00 am.
On the beach we played tug of war which us Penguins won, we played find the peas in the sand which we won again and balancing bean bags on our head which The Turtles won. In rank we won 2nd place.

Day four:

Today was swimming day. We went to the swimming pool and swam for two hours.
Our activity after swimming was building a tower of pasta and marshmallows.
We won 2nd again and then learnt about David Livingstone.

Day five:

Today was our shopping trip.
I bought me and Mum a cat shopping bag to share, Sol sweets and a little book, Seb and Animal both a where’s Wally? Book and me a little book too.

Day six:

Lasersquat came to us. Lasersquat is when we have lasers we shoot at the opposite team to get them to lose. We won 1st place and The Penguins won a trophy each for winning.

Day seven:

The end of camp came and passed quickly. After camp Mum and Dad took me and Seb and Sol to an amusement park. At the amusement park I went on HellRaiser which is a dark room which you sit in the cart and it spins so fast, I also went on a merry go round with Sol which was so pretty.

I enjoyed my week but couldn’t wait to see my family and Olivia again.