The red arrows.

Today we had heard that the red arrows would be flying over the village so we got up, dressed ate and drove down to the harbour.

We sat on the wall and waited for the red arrows to fly above us.

They were very far away.

It just so happened that when the planes were flying above us it started to rain!!
Oh my gosh it was chucking! We sat behind the wall with Olivia to keep dry.

When the red arrows flew above us they had red, white and blue smoke coming out the back and it made stripes.


When we were walking home we stopped by the playgroup next door as our friends run it. They were having a BBQ to earn money.

There we bumped into our next door neighbours who were going to go get a new car.

When we made it home Olivia was knackered!!! She slept for hours!

I then wasn’t feeling good so we had lunch which was homemade scones and chocolate mouse and I stayed in my room all afternoon.

Many hours later we had cupcakes and scones for dinner and now I am going to hop into bed to sleep for the night.

Nighty night.


My bunny rabbits!

Today I wanted to have blogs about pets and today I wanted to introduce my bunny rabbits. Yep all of them!

First Candy, my rabbit. Candy is about 2/3 years old. She is very tame and loves her family. Her mother is Zebadee and her father is Dillan a rabbit of ours who sadly died 2 years ago after our neighbours dogs escaped and ripped him to pieces. I remember that day and I miss him dearly.


Now Mrs.Cuddles Sol’s bunny who she loves dearly. Mrs.Cuddles is Candy’ s twin sister. She has 2 babies after our big boy rabbit Brian escaped and ‘married’ her.


Now I will show you Brian. Brian is 4 years old and he is the daddy of the bunch. He is the most friendliest and he snuggles in your shoulder and he loves everyone. He has NEVER bitten and even people who aren’t keen on rabbits loved him.


Now we will move on to Zebadee. We got Zebadee and Dougal off a lady who no longer wanted them. Zebadee has an infection in her eyes and cancer in her tummy. She is dying but is very friendly she again has never bitten and is about 7 years old.


Dougal now. Dougal is a lion head. She is about 7. She once again has never bitten and is like Brian. She is a sook. She is Zebadee’ s best buddy. She is very strong and loves Zebadee dearly.


Wriggly now. Wriggly was the ‘runt’ of her litter. She was the smallest but Sol fell in love with her the second she was born. Sol always looked after Wriggly and she grew up healthy and strong. She has never bitten anyone. Wriggly is nearly 6 months old.


Fudge now. Fudge is Wriggly’ s twin brother. He is a wee sook. He lives with Bounty his twin brother. He is a gorgeous rabbit.


Now we will meet Bounty. Bounty is out off a litter of 8. The rabbits that are his siblings include Fudge and Wriggly. His other siblings were given away to a friend of ours.


Now we head on to Snuggy. Snuggy is lion head/ short fur cross. She is only 2 months old. She is so fluffy and loves cuddles!



Now is Snooki. I don’t know why I called them Snuggy and Snooki I just liked the names. Snooki is short fur and just like Snuggy has never bitten and loves cuddles.


I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did writing this. Thank you all for reading and I will try to blog more often.

Fathers day and cupcakes!

First thing! We made more cupcakes on Wednesday! ( if you can’t tell I love cupcakes!)
We made them pink but our new icing gun broke half way through the recipe which sucks. Half the cupcakes were pretty and swirly and the others were well to be polite, just smothered with a knife, they were still very very yummy! They were the best ones we ever made in my opinion!
We gave Daddy a few to bring to work and all his work friends said, O.M.G! Your wife does the best cupcakes ever! And, You should sell these!

Fathers day now. Me and Mummy went out Fathers day shopping. It was  a surprise for dad as he thought we forgot about it!

We got him, boxer shorts,Justin Bieber shower gel because he doesn’t like Justin Bieber, pyjamas that say WHO’S YOUR DADDY??? And 4 cards, I was very kind and decided to give him Mummy’s cafe vouchers, how kind am I?!?! Oh and football cufflinks!

We then went to church after the present opening on fathers day, walked the dog and went to church again as Seb was reading a well a reading.

Me,Seb and Sol watched a movie while we ate Odd!ties(mini crackers that are bacon flavour)

I also found out a man from church went to an Olly Murs concert and he didn’t bring me! Why????

Well I think that’s it! Bye everyone!

Life’s been busy

Okay where do I start?!

First Sol had her operation (which you all know) so poor Sol can’t run,skip,jump,leap, to put it short she can’t do much. It’s been a long week for her, she had to get drops in four times a day and she has the after effects of an anaesthetic as well as everybody wanting to take a look. Her eye is red, yucky but healing very quickly.

Well, a movie was being filmed near where I live so we went to go see it, that is where we saw Gillian Anderson and Ben Kingsley, and another I cant remember the name of. So then we were walking back to the car to go see Mum at the shop she worked in when Animal looked at Sol and said, Sol what is wrong with your eye? I rushed over and had a look. Sol’s left eye pointed all the way to the side! We went to the shop to show Mum and she said, We need to ring the hospital A.S.A.P! When we got home and Daddy looked up in the phone book while I got my PJs on. Daddy rang the hospital and they said, Come early tomorrow morning and we will take a look. Sol being a we sweetie said, Toni I love you so much and I’ll text you on Mummy’ s phone. Sure enough the next morning I got a text saying I love you love Sol with a load of kisses (cute huh). The doctors can’t do anything sadly and now she is patching again as Mummy’s Mummy instinct says if she patches it will straighten. Okay enough about that. Sol goes back on Tuesday I will update on that again soon.

Okay now onto the weather. Lately the weather has been in the 20s so we have been outside a lot with Olivia!

Then Animal had an exam on Friday so we were busy taking him up and down.

Oh, oh, I am a story reviewer for an author. the author sent me three new stories this week to read and comment on, I am so excited to work with him. I am even being written in as a character in his new book, he also has included drawings of mine.

We went for walks by a wee museum cottage, and so much more. I will blog more now but if I don’t, I’m still alive!!

P.S. I might have a secret, it’s a huge one, I might share eventually, oooooh.


The cottage 🙂